I graduated from the University of Gdańsk with a major in political science and I have also completed the postgraduate program at Kozminski University in Fashion Management. In addition, I have also graduated from the European Fashion Academy.

I deliver Fashion Styling Certification Courses as well as consulting for indidual clients concerning development of their personal and professional image which includes image consulting and styling, presenation skills in media, politics, public life and business. I cooperate with as well as provide training sessions for companies, institutions, local governments in corporate and public image development; additionally, I create and prepare dress-code rules for companies’ employees. At institutions of higher education I hold lectures on how to develop one’s image in a thoughtful and organised manner.

At Pracodawcy Pomorza I am the Board of Management Representative for Image.

As a fashion expert I am regularly invited to TVP S.A Channel 2 morning programme, TVN morning programme, Radio Plus. I am a fashion columnist in fashion newspapers and magazines as well as on websites.

I am the author of weekly radio programmes “Dress Your Soul” and “Dress Your Ego” which airs on Radio Plus and which you can listen to in other bookmarks. These programmes created a platform resulting in my two books – personal guides to creating one’s own style – both for men and women. “Dress Your Soul”(2014) and “Dress His Ego”(2015).
In addition, I am the Ambassador of Babiana Cosmetology Institute in Gdańsk because youth is the case of attitude to life as well the way you feel about it that is reflected on your face, not so much the case of numbers which you can see in your birth certificate. Even wrinkles can look like fortune smiling upon you and not like something that is worth crying out for in desperation.

The strong internal need of striving to change one’s life for the better – there are few people who understand it better than I do. My life’s experience is comprised of endless challenges which led to personal development and professional metamorphoses that result from said development. It is this this experience, which has taught me to have empathy when I work with people, and this quality is indispensable to assist them in discovering their personal strengths and potential. These are the basic foundations with which they can develop their self-awareness which is essential when they want to express themselves, to mark their HERE and NOW in an authentic and beautiful manner.

Regardless of what my professional path has been during certain periods of time, fashion, trends as well as searching for my own style has always been my biggest passion and inspiration in my life; they have accompanied me always and everywhere. When painfully kitschy clothes for ration cards or empty shelves were the only choice you had in shops, and the professional stylist or personal shopper did not exist I dressed and went shopping not only with my family and friends but I also advised people of different ages that I met while shopping who would often ask me for advice concerning their clothes selection.

I both organise and, as a model, participate in many fashion shows where, aside from top professional models such as Agnieszka Maciąg or Ewa Pacuła, well-known bussinesswomen, female MPs, Radio Plus listeners also appear as models. Not only does every person that participates in these shows fulfil their dreams but they also, and this has even more importance, discover the joy of developing their image in a beautiful manner.

This experience resulted in launching of my own original brand GRACE COLLECION where I design custom-made purses and women’s clothes from truly colourful and velvet-soft Italian natural leather; clothes that look and feel like a skin for those who wear them.

And that’s what clothing art is all about: regardless of your age and profession, you have to always, anywhere and in anything feel like yourself, because…

Life is the longest catwalk you walk on
so be the best, authentic, model on it !!

Grażyna Paturalska