GRACE COLLECTION is the exclusive women’s clothing brand which offers Italian natural leather handbags as well. The designer of this collection is Grażyna Paturalska – stylist, author of weekly radio programmes and books concerning fashion and style. She had completed postgraduate program in Fashion Management and had graduated from European Fashion Academy.
What makes GRACE COLLECTON unique as well as commercially recognised are both velvet-soft leather of the highest quality that highlights sensual femininity, and Italian accessories in the most fashionable colours and designs.  What sets both our clothes and handbags apart from those of other designers is how diligently manufactured they are.  Aesthetic and functional interior of the handbags with numerous compartments and pockets allows every woman to find all of her feminine treasures easily. External smart accessories and fittings, that make every woman who owns one more classy, have discreet logos.
Considerable majority of our handbags are made as the only one unique product. Entire collection is dedicated to women who value not only sophisticated ellegance, inimitable material and design but also comfort.
There is as many different clothes and handbags in Grace Collection as there is different instances of woman’s nature. Each and every woman who visits our atelier in Sopot can express herself by selecting colours and cuts that are most suitable for her, she can do that with the assistance of a stylist expert knowledge. Dream fashion concepts are developed there; ones that are unique and exceptional, developed precisely for this given woman original personality, being like her second skin.
This collection is available both in our Sopot atelier and in exclusive designer boutiques in Warsaw, Berlin, Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm.
In the gallery shown below, you can find only a small percentage of all designs that Grace Collection has developed.
Please Contact us if you want to receive more photos and information concerning the most recent collections, or if you want to know the price of any product (in the latter case, please refer to the symbol of given product).


The Grace Collection brand took part in the Pomeranian Development Agency project as part of the Pomeranian Export Broker program: promotion and increased recognition of the Grace Collection brand on foreign markets.

Contribution of European funds to the 198/2019 project – PLN 33,568.96

The contribution of European funds to the 199/2019 project – PLN 38,073